At Jorge Kurczyn Furniture, each piece has its own character and is handmade by "Haskeros", who specialize in each category of furniture for your home. "Haskero" is the Spanish word given to the master craftsman who has earned the title through many years of methodical deepening on his particular craft, thus being in charge of his particular process from start to finish as each piece comes to life.The process of manufacturing goes though a 4 step process to insure each piece will become a treasure, built to last for generations.


You can work with our design team to come up with the concept that fits your home or business. We will help you develop just the right item or a complete collection to fill your home, with attention to detail on the wood, color, hardware and finishes.


Based on the item to be built, the designer and Haskero will take control of your project and after carefully reviewing of the design; your furniture piece will start to come alive!. The greatest attention to every detail is paid to each item to assure our high standards of quality meet at each step of the process. Once the assembly has been done, the item is hand sanded to a flawless finish for preparation of our in-house stain color mixes. To obtain the proper color or staining, usually 4-5 different colors are used to get just the right color, with our multi-phase air and drying machine assisted to give it the final color or tone.


Then our blacksmith will make the hardware for each piece, paying special attention to the design and size of that particular item. The smithing of our hardware is a very important part of what makes each of our pieces one of a kind and unique. It is very meticulously matched to each piece not only by scaling it to the over all size of the furniture, but by paying special attention to textures and finishes.


At this point in the process, the finishing group will apply several lasting treatments to protect the wood from damaging elements and your keepsake will be as beautiful for many years as the day you placed it in your home. These finishes are all imported from Europe and have been used for generations in the manufacture of fine furniture.

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